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Friends with Benefits Discreet Paperback

Friends with Benefits Discreet Paperback

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Content Note

Miscarriage, Pregnancy in epilogue, parental neglect

Rule #1: Communication, so no one gets hurt.

Rule #2: Honesty. If something changes,
let the other person know.

Rule #3: No. One. Else. as long as we’re seeing each other.

Rule #4: We don’t stop until you come.


I thought it would be simple. A strings attached arrangement with someone I trust. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a baseball God and talented in ways that involve his…’bat’.

But what they don’t tell you about having a friend with benefits is how quickly it becomes complicated.


I’m in deep sh*t.

I told her we could keep it casual. That I wouldn’t take it too far.
But who could blame me?

Ember is…everything.
Hot as sin.
Devoted. Kind.

Now all I have to do is convince her
we can have more than one kind of happy ending.

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