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Friend Zone Special Edition Paperback


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Best friends + close quarters = huge trouble

It started with a kiss. One that never should have happened. Liam was only doing what best friends do—standing up for me. It didn’t mean anything.
Sure, it made the fact I had to move in with him for a few months a bit complicated, but we’ve been firmly in the mutual friend zone for years. He’s the one who christened me ‘Charlie’ after all. He only saw me as one of the guys.


Crossing the line is off limits.


We’re just friends.
Maybe if I said it enough, I’d stop picturing her naked.

Who was I kidding? With her living at my place,
I couldn’t seem to stop picturing her naked.

All I had to do was keep my hands to myself for a few months.
No fantasizing about her. No touching her.
And no more kissing her.

I was f***king screwed.


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Friend Zone Special Edition Paperback

2 in stock